The Team

We offer two teams, one of dedicated hair specialists, the other of expert beauty professionals so we can offer our clients a full service to meet their needs. We are proud of our long list of returning clients built up over many years and a book full of positive feedback. But we don’t rest on our laurels, we are always looking for new ways we can improve the service we offer. This enables our teams to maintain these high standards when using the latest innovations in hair and beauty to make you look and feel beautiful. Call us to find out more about what we can do for you.



Justine Brown - Director

I started hairdressing in 1986 and my dream was to set up a salon where my clients could come and enjoy their visit,  park their car & not worry about any parking tickets and spend as long as they wanted been pampered and made to feel the best they could possibly feel without sitting in a high street window with all the shoppers passing by seeing what they are having done. Not to be sat too close to the person next to you to feel the air and serenity you should feel from been pampered.

JSB Team has been built from love and passion of wanting to make people feel good.

I am so proud of the team I have built,  they  have cultivated the love and the passion & dedication to their clients needs.  All my main stylist team have been with me for years and the truly successful ones are the ones who have supported and given JSB the dedication training and perfection that I am proud of today. This wonderful team did not happen over night it has been 17 years of training and hard work but I am proud to say we have finally done it! 

Mission statement: WE LOVE MAKING YOU FEEL GOOD! 



John Adams - Receptionist

I've been at JSB for nearly 10 years now, and whilst I am trained in hair, now have the responsibility of making sure the day to day goes to plan! I enjoy the social side to the salon, listening to the people, and everyone gets on as a team. It's nice to see a returning face, as well as a new clients, about to start there experience with us, and hopefully put a smile on their face.


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Val Brown - Receptionist

Always want to feel comfortable when you walk into somewhere, well this is the person to meet and greet you on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, morning. She always has a smile and  full of chat, makes great coffee and frothy hot chocolate. Sorts your appointments keeps the salon together,  she is the glue of the past 17 years and been their since the day we opened, could call her part of fixture and fittings. 



Liz Owen - Senior Stylist

I am a fully qualified hairdresser and Beauty Therapist and have been with JSB team for over 10 years. I've had some fabulous training with TIGI, Wella and Philip Kingsley, and was also given the opportunity to do TIGIs Inspirational Youth, an intense 6 month training programme resulting in hairdressing on stage in the Excel centre, London.

In beauty, I have trained with Dermalogica, Environ and Jane Iredale. 

I love doing both hairdressing and beauty but in salon your likely to see me more on the salon floor than in the Beauty rooms.I love my job, it is so rewarding helping a client with confidence, listening to them and putting a smiles on faces.



Zoe Ash - Senior Stylist

I have been hairdressing now for over 20 years, and over 15 years with the team. During this time I have done training with Wella, TIGI, Philip Kingsley and many other hair companies, giving me the knowledge I need to give me clients the best result we can achieve. My favourite part of the job is getting to know my clients, working together to give them the finish they want, and in doing so, building up a friendship along the way. What better than to earn a living spending time with friends!



Gemma King - Senior Stylist

I am a senior stylist with over 25 years experience and over 20 of those with JSB Team. I enjoy all aspects of hairdressing, but my favourite part of my job is watching clients leaving the salon with a new air of confidence after having the JSB Team Salon experience.


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Tracey Boardman - Salon Assistant

I've been working with the team now for around 5 years, helping everyone day to day and making sure everything is all going to plan and smoothly as possible! 


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Charlotte Caulton - Beauty Therapist

I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist, specialised in environ skin care, Jane Iredale skincare make-up and nutrition supplements to give you the most radiant beautiful skin. Start your skincare journey and I can help guide you through! 

I'm also trained in O.P.I nailcare, which in my opinion is the best hand and foot products on the market, give a lasting elegant finish. I use gel wax in all of my waxing to ensure the experience is as pain free and soothing as possible. 

Since joining the team in 2015 I have gained so much knowledge and experience from different product houses. The team showed me support and confidence in the time I have been here.