Brows Brows Brows

 Eyebrows are sisters not twins!

Everyone wants the perfect Brows for their face shape. It is the biggest craze at the moment to have the best around. The thing to rememeber is your eyebrows will never be perfectly symmetrical, your over all face is not symmetrical for it would look strange if they were. But that in mind we still think you can still get the best brows for you.



No more plucking! 

The main problem we find with our clients is over plucking. If you over pluck for too long the hair follicle can be damaged and the hair will not regrow, this is fine if you have the desired shape you like but if not this can create gaps in Brows which then need to be filled in. 

 Tint me up

Eyebrow tint is coated all over the Brows to catch every hair to give them colour. We have a lot of fairer hairs within the Brows so once they are coloured it gives a much fuller looking brow. This is espially good for clients suffering from very fair eyebrow hair, as this makes them much more defined with a slightly darker look so they frame your face more much. 

Perfectly shaped 

We measure your brows to suit your face. So they start, arch and end in the right place. We use wax to take away any of the excess, teweeze the finer detail and trim any long ones. 

Enhancing products 

 To finish of the brows we use Jane Iredale make-up. Either a pencil, gel or powder to give you your desired look. Here is a video of our best selling eyebrow kit and how to apply it.

Make brows beautiful!


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