Brows Brows Brows

 Eyebrows are sisters not twins!

Everyone wants the perfect Brows for their face shape. It is the biggest craze at the moment to have the best around. The thing to rememeber is your eyebrows will never be perfectly symmetrical, your over all face is not symmetrical for it would look strange if they were. But that in mind we still think you can still get the best brows for you.



No more plucking! 

The main problem we find with our clients is over plucking. If you over pluck for too long the hair follicle can be damaged and the hair will not regrow, this is fine if you have the desired shape you like but if not this can create gaps in Brows which then need to be filled in. 

 Tint me up

Eyebrow tint is coated all over the Brows to catch every hair to give them colour. We have a lot of fairer hairs within the Brows so once they are coloured it gives a much fuller looking brow. This is espially good for clients suffering from very fair eyebrow hair, as this makes them much more defined with a slightly darker look so they frame your face more much. 

Perfectly shaped 

We measure your brows to suit your face. So they start, arch and end in the right place. We use wax to take away any of the excess, teweeze the finer detail and trim any long ones. 

Enhancing products 

 To finish of the brows we use Jane Iredale make-up. Either a pencil, gel or powder to give you your desired look. Here is a video of our best selling eyebrow kit and how to apply it.

Make brows beautiful!


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Why buy salon products?

We get asked all the time, why use salon products instead of supermarket products?



Help's to keep the hair and scalp healthy. Salon products will help re build hair that is in poor condition, chemically processed, weak, Brittle or frizzy. Salon products will help with volume or smoothness of the hair.  Long term use of salon products will keep healthy maintenance, shine and a clear healthy scalp.

Healthy scalp means healthy hair.

When we wash our hair we must concentrate on washing the scalp. Cleaning the hair follicle stimulates the growth and healthy hair. 

Treatment based products work gently so they don't destroy the hair in the process.

Our hair is made up of two types, moisture and protein. Depending on the hair type we may need more of one than the other. Moisture smooths the hair and protein strengthens.

Over a period of time with heat and chemical damage our hair will result in tiny little holes which appear in the cuticle. Salon products work internally within the hair,  first to rebuild the structure like polyfiller. Working from the inside out.

Once these holes have been restructured the shine will come naturally.

This will not happen instantly, it is a process of getting the right product from your consultation with your hairdresser. Even with a salon treatment range if you do not have the right product for your hair type,  it will not work.

Would you self prescribe for your own health.? So why would you self prescribe for your hair or skin?



These are not always bad depending on the result you want ? And the time scale you which you would  use one of these products for. This is like putting your make up on, instant results, instant shine, instant hold.

This Generally comes with a product that would be full of silicone which would give your hair the instant shine and then builds up and eventually coats the hair till it becomes greasy and lank.

Instant hold products resulting in high alcohol content, this then aids colours to fade and makes the hair become more brittle.

My good example of this would be if you have a tiny cut on your hand and you spill alcohol on it, you will feel it sting, so imagine having a colour on your hair that will open the cuticle and then applying a hair spray onto the hair with a high alcohol content this will help to strip and fade colour over a period of time.


The salon products we choose to use are packed full of nutrients to help the scalp and hair. 

Key features; of our salon products.

Stimulating scalp mask; to help encourage hair growth with vitamins E, H and B5- aid new cell development zinc, magnesium , iron and copper - aid the formation of collagen and keratin.

Exfoliating scalp mask; Aloe Vera Extract moisturizes and soothes the scalp, Betaine Salicylate gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells and prevents further build up of flakes.

Elasticizer for improvement of hair. Adds strength, body and elasticity.  Hydrolysed Elastin (natural protein) adds strength improves hairs ability to stretch, reducing breakage. Natural castor oil- helps lock in moisture. Olive oil - high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids which help to lock in moisture and boost shine. Glycerine- helps hair to retaine moisture. Paraben free formulation.


Results will improve over time, with regular use. Use at least once a week.

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Homecare to fighting Acne

B-active range from Environ 


In our salon we pride ourselves on using the best brands on the proffesional market. Environ skin care comes over and beyond any range we have ever used or worked with. It is a results driven range that only uses ingredients that help to improve your skin without harming it.

The b-active range is a scientifically advanced combination of ingredients that work in synergy to assist in excess sebum secretions, as well as decongesting and micro-exfoliating the surface of the skin. 

We have one rule for everyone to keep too!..  Please never ever use scrubs or grained products on your face. A lot of ranges sell this to acne prone clients because primarily this makes your skin feel refreshed and clean. But actually the scrub is way to harsh for your delicate skin. You are breaking down your first layer of skin which is your protective layer. Once this is broken down your skin will go into panic and produce more sebum to give you back your protection, which is the oil we wanted to get rid of in the first place. 

 Your holy grail products

  1. Subuprep-An oil based product, essential for a first cleanse to remove all makeup and environmental debris. 
  2. Subuwash-A foaming gel cleanser perfect for your secondary cleanse to gently remove any excess oil without drying it out. 
  3. Subutone-A medium strength toner containing lactic acid that helps to smoothen the appreance of the skin and improve hydration.  
  4. AVST Face and Body Oil-Fine textured oil formulated to provide the skin with a high concentration of vitamins and anti-oxidants to help anergise, normalise and repair, leaving is velvety soft. 

In this range there are also added extras to introduce into your skincare routine when ready.  

Please come into salon and speak to our therapist to get your hands on these incredible products. 


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No need to suffer anymore.

Acne is a skin condition that effects so many of us. More commonly starting in teenage years but also effecting people throughout adulthood. Acne is caused by increased hormones levels, making enlarged glands which produce to much sebum, this then results in whiteheads and an oily skin surface. 

There are many ways we can help get your skin under control. 

Here is one:

Not many people think about this step until it has become bad enough to see a GP about their acne. Skin supplements are a massive way to control your skin. Some supplements and treatments given to you by a GP can effect your hormones and some people find this an unpleasant experience. We have a product called Skin Accumax that does not do this, it has a ground breaking skin ingredient DIM ( a patent-pending, highly active plant compound) as well as other complexion enhancing active ingredients to give you clear, flawless skin naturally. 

 Adults 16 years and over: Take one or two capsules twice a day with meals or as your health professional advises. To get the full benefit of this product, we recommend starting with two Skin Accumax twice a day for at least 14 weeks. However some people choose to take this dosage for several months for best results. After this time you may wish to reduce to one capsule twice a day. Do not exceed stated dosage. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

For a consultation please contact our therapist Charlotte. 

 For the next step to fight acne please look out for our next blog to find out what facial products you can introduce.